Tom Purcell
Copywriter/Communicator, Author,
Nationally Syndicated Columnist


"Tom, the feedback on our employee survey report has been exceptionally good. The feature you produced, after mining some 230 pages of data, was right on the money. It was honest and concise and  read like a cover story in the Wall Street Journal. Our executive team was extremely pleased."

Tom Bailey,
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources

“Tom is an first rate communications professional with exceptional talent and creativity. He works collaboratively with clients and the creative staff to meet and exceed business objectives. He easily translates complex technical and non-technical material into concise and easily understood copy. Tom has an excellent work ethic and does whatever it takes to complete jobs on time and on budget. I know that I can count on Tom to do an outstanding job regardless of the demands of the project. He is a man of integrity and high ethical standards. I highly recommend Tom. Top qualities: Great results, good value, high integrity!

Ceil Wloczewski,
Visionary Marketing Communications

"When I was asked to produce an executive summary for a $1 billion proposal, I brought Tom in to draft the copy. Our challenge was to explain our technical solutions to high-level business executives who were interested in business value and business results. Tom demonstrated his ability to quickly understand complex concepts and articulate them in a clear, precise, easy-to-understand manner. As a result, the executive summary Tom and I produced far exceeded expectations."

Kris Maenhout,
Chief Technology Officer

"I oversee the marketing efforts for a multi-million dollar division of CSC. Tom is my go-to guy for all my marketing-communications needs. I simply tell him what is needed and he gets the job done."

Susan Sargent,
Senior Marketing Manager

“Tom continuously demonstrates his exceptional writing skills by converting complex, highly technical information into clear, compelling and easily understood communications that resonate with target audiences.”

Donald Rendulic,
Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications

GENCO Supply Chain Solutions

What Editors Say about Tom's Nationally Syndicated Column

"Tom Purcell’s columns have a sense of joy and hope, and create contrast to our Op-Ed pages, which can be politics-heavy. Purcell’s columns have a light, bright tone, but they always have an underlying, thoughtful point. When he writes about his family and The Big Guy, our readers see themselves in his words."

Ann Brown,
Former Editorial Page Editor
The Arizona Daily Star

"There's a reason why the Rush Limbaugh Show featured two of Tom Purcell’s columns on the air (after reading them on Purcell's honest, story-telling approach explores the issues in a manner that is at once poignant, funny and always compelling. He's a throwback to the likes of Mike Royko, and is one of the reasons our readers keep coming back for more."

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky,

"The op-ed universe is replete with commentators who resort to formulaic, predictable prose to advance their arguments. It is rare to see a writer, such as Tom Purcell, buttress his commentary by writing with such heart. Purcell consistently demonstrates how to employ humor and playfulness in a way that connects with readers. Sometimes he employs humor in whip-crack fashion, to attack political humbug or cultural folly. Other times he uses gentleness and, in some memorable instances, poignancy to leave readers with images -- and lessons -- that linger. Purcell's accessible prose sparkles with creativity -- a valuable quality in an op-ed culture too often characterized by partisan rants and overwrought rhetoric. His columns offer a welcome respite that strikes a positive chord with many readers."

Geitner Simmons,
Editorial Page Editor
Omaha World-Herald

"One of the biggest raps against the editorial pages of modern, big-city newspapers is that they are 'too serious.' Well, these pages DO deal with serious topics. But there's always room for levity. And Tom Purcell sends home a hefty dose of it every week for our Sunday Opinion & Commentary section. For the past 16 years, Tom has been a fixture on our pages; we're glad he's not on our competition's"

Colin McNickle,
Editorial Page Editor
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Tom Purcell is that rarest of political pundits - a common-sense 'regular guy' with a wicked sense of humor. He fills a niche almost entirely his own."

Marty Trillhaase,
Editorial Page Editor
Idaho Falls Post Register

"Tom Purcell is unique in approaching national issues from a common-sense point of view AND a sense of humor. Many have tried to write humor on a regular basis, but nobody succeeds the way Tom does every week."

Steve McCoy,
Editorial Page Editor
Waterbury Republican